How Do you feel about Ballagio, and No, It's Not In Vegas

Bellagio, it's not in Vegas. It's not a new sexual technique. It's old, and quite a presentable contraception topic. Consensus Conference on Lactational Infertility, held in August 1988, and has to do with what we have come to call LAM...contracepting through breast feeding. It is a great concept, and yet may not provide the full contraceptive efficacy that you want. And just because you don't conceive, the contraceptive effect may not extend to complete suppression of all ovarian follicular activity. We have discovered that with ultrasound technology and the widespread use of getting ultrasounds with gynecologic complaints. So if you want to know whether it's really working or not to be protected against pregnancy while you are breastfeeding there are a few tests that can help: progesterone levels is another test that can detect signs of ovulation as can checking your cervical mucus or your urine for ovulation.


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