Hana Ichi Monme, send Red Clover Right Over

Are you the type to pick sides and go all out for your position?! As far as bone health, there are definitely two positions. The lines are drawn and the teams are picked. The herbalists on one side and the hormone users on the right. I think it might be the doctors getting clotheslined in the forays between the two. But there may really be solutions on the horizons that both can agree on. As scientists identify active ingredients in the plant based menopausal therapies, Western physicians begin to explore their uses, so in some sense both sides do have some common ground in the plant therapies for hormone symptoms.

New data is emerging on red clover extracts showing that it can reduce osteoporosis, cardiovascular disease and have some efficacy against hot flashes as well. It probably works through the chemical pathways of inflammation and prevents the release of the proinflammatory cytokines like TNF-alpha. While earlier studies failed to show that Red Clover products on the market outperformed placebo, here's a new way to look at the benefits of hormone therapy!

And GynoGab was watching that great movie on one of our favorite shows, and watching Samantha try to treat her menopause symptoms with massive yam consumption. And GynoGab wishes someone would tell Samantha in STC2 that our body just cannot metabolize yams into hormones. You do need a laboratory to do that. And while they're doing the telling, make sure she knows progesterone is not well absorbed from the skin, so if her only advice was the popular press, she's needing a second opinion.


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