Feeding the Endometriotic Implants

Why me? Is it my diet? Or perhaps the metabolism or delicate hormone imbalances that cause one to be healthy and the other to have endometriosis. Certainly not all factors are worked out. Apparently takes about 60 pg/ml of estrogen, in terms of blood level, and is why if you are menopausal, or menopausal and on minimal Estrogen Replacement therapy, odds are good that your endometriosis will die out. And when we treat with Lupron (gonadotrophin releasing agent) the levels of estrogen at which treatment is most effective are in the 20 to 40 pg/mL levels. And it takes more than that to feed an implant. It takes growth factors. Some of these endometrois inciting growth factors are elaborated in the macrophages. So once the implants are located in the abdomen through reflus seeding of menstrual debris, it's possible that their very presence sets off a casade of events that enhances more endometriosis.


  1. What's the name of the flower in the picture you posted here?
    (sorry for the unrelated comment.)

  2. These are hydrangeas, a very old traditional perennial. Fairly easy to grow, they will bloom in a range of colors from blues to pinks depending on how the soil is treated. They last on the plant with incredible heartiness. They hold their shape when cut and dried really well. I love garden questions we're proud of ours and many of these pictures are slipped in from my front steps!

  3. Thanks for the answer. Good job growing this gorgeous plant. It is now sitting on my desktop background!


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