Cysts around puberty?

Dermoid cyst's Hair
Dermoid cyst with hair and fat
How common is it to have a cyst before the first period? Don't worry mom, the quick answer is that they are very common. And yet they can cause pain, they can require medical attention, and rarely  they will require surgery. The most common cysts are the so called functional cysts. They are just big swellings of the ovary filled with water. If not a functional cyst, then it is more likely to be a dermoid or a cystadenoma or an endometrioma. Dermoids can have any body part that a human has. Most often they contain fat and hair, sometimes they contain teeth or other oddities. So if a teen has irregular periods, or stomach pain that is more than just occasional twinge, she should get it checked by a gyno! Simple cysts, like the one seen in ultrasound can be watched, unless they are bigger than 10 centimeters, which this one actually is. Dermoid cysts and endometriomas have to be removed.


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