Chew, Suck, Sniff, Stick, but Don't Smoke

Everyone knows they should quit smoking tobacco, but how? And we are all afraid of the tension that comes with stopping smoking, and we've discussed calming down while stopping smoking . About one in 5 women smoke. Gynos have work to do. We know about the connection of smoking and lung cancer,heart disease, and of course addiction to an expensive habit;  but do we women realize it's connected to fetal death and stillbirths, sudden infant death syndrome, reduced fertility, hip fractures and cervical cancer? In additon nicotine has been linked to the pain of fibrocystic breast disease. These are the real concerns of real women, and all these attributable to smoking: preventable! Now there are also links between smoking and depression. What's the cause, the chicken or the egg? Did depressed people begin to smoke, or does smoking somehow induce depression?

If you want to quit here are some pointers. Try Aversion therapy: focus on all the bad things you know about smoking, read about them, talk about them, write them down on a list. The more you are not wanting the smoking by products the more likely you are to stick to the resolve of quitting. about the nicotine replacement therapies out there:

Not really clear from all the research but you are a little less likely to smoke if you take an antidepressant.
But one thing is certain, being calm, lowering stress definitely helps fight the urges to smoke. Try some chamomile tea (here's  a picture of some German Chamomile blooming.


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