Are you healthy if you are absent of disease or if you are "sound" and "vigorous"

Is health really absence of disease? Random House Dictionary tells us this. But so often these days we really aren't trying to be natural, but beat nature. And knowing if disease is absent or brewing is one of the biggest challenges of the 21st century. Melanoma, due to sun exposures, are the fastest growing cancer there is, it has almost tripled in rate between 1980 and 2004! Could it be your genetics? Could it be your tanning bed? Could it be your clothing? It's probably all of those things.You may be brewing a melanoma as you mull this over by the pool and not even know it.  How about brewing of heart disease. In terms of the Global Burden of Disease Study reported First in 1990, and updated several times, due out again this year, it's Cardiovascular Disease that is the world wide killer of individuals. Screening tests are designed to uncover disease before it hits. And yet too many individuals don't get the basic screening tests that are known to be effective. Do you have a health plan? No, not health insurance, a plan for your health screenings, what tests, how often. We know how long we are going to live so now we have to plan it to live well!


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