Your Guy: Is He (his sperm) Good Enough? Good New News

In medicine we are usually giving new bad news: prior blood cholesterol that was ok, no good, BPs that used to be ok, now are too high, to name a couple. But good news boys! Your counts that were thought too be too low, are Good Enough!  So where did you stuff that lab report? Get out the pen and paper, and get together with your gal for another gyno talk. Those counts might just be not as bad as we thought. And then there are little aids that can be done. Ready for a boost and a splash? We have the swim up technique too!And it's not a pool party, but then those can help the cause too!

World Health Organization reference values for human semen characteristics.   Cooper TG; Noonan E; von Eckardstein S; Auger J; Baker HW; Behre HM; Haugen TB; Kruger T; Wang C; Mbizvo MT; Vogelsong KM  Hum Reprod Update. 2009 Dec 4.


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