Your Sexy Brain Needs This Chemical: BDNF

In order to orgasm we have to activate the mind. Or at least this is what brain research tells us. And thinking needs a an interwoven set of chemical signals through creatively derived pathways. These pathways may be suppressed by aging, the lack of hormones or other factors we have yet to understand. And putting two and four and 1/3 and .16 and a few formulas together (well, these are figures of speech) together has lead us to believe brain chemistry is very complex. Chemicals that that regulate the survival, the growth and even some of the character of brain neurons are called neurotrophins. The one found in greatest quantity is called brain-derived neurotrophic factor, known as BDNF.

BDNF is a very sexy brain chemical and Italian researchers have been chasing it's properties for a long time. at the University of Pisa. In one study Dr. Begliuomini and co-workers have shown that the levels of BDNF correlate with estrogen and progesterone through the menstrual cycle. And in work on menopausal women Dr. Cubeddu has shown that the BDNF decreases in menopause.

Ok, here are some gyno questions for those researchers: just how much foreplay do we need to get those chemicals going? And what types of sexual behavior gets the most receptors
activated over time? Can you draw blood levels of BDNF to find out just how sexy we are? My brain is working over time on this topic!

In related studies by the Italian groups  the antidepressants work to increase the BDNF levels suggesting a way in which these medications work to improve moods and overall function in post menopausal women.


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