Who gets VBACs?

No one in the US, ok not no one. But over 92% of patients sampled across the country were not being offered VBACs by one recent check. So if you have had a C/S and want to try to have a vaginal delivery, plan ahead and have a heart to heart talk with your ob provider about what you can do to improve your chances of not being one of the crowd. Your gyno will review your risk factors, any risk factors in the baby and realistically talk to you about the benefits of a vaginal birth. One of the important factors is whether you go into labor on your own, or have to have labor induced. In a new study in the January 2012 issue of the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology it was shown that induced labor, especially if your cervix begins without being dilated at all, is very slightly more risky, with respect to uterine rupture, than if your cervix is softer and somewhat open. Longer labors, which may occur because of induction, were also shown to be more of a risk factor for a ruptured uterus.


  1. I had a VBAC! I swear it was my proudest moment as a mom. My first son was delivered via emergency c section for being face presentation. I was determined to have my second son vaginally. I was lucky in that my OB's practice (in Massachusetts) was very much in favor of VBAC delivery and my doctor and midwife did everything they could to prepare me. I was terrified. But after just 30 minutes of pushing, there he was.

  2. Great! It is a proud moment! My father was the first OB inour town to offer VBACs and it's been an honor to carry on his practice, and that piece of the tradition has still been preserved so far in my practice! Good luck for all your future gennerations.


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