When the chin hairs come

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Why are you getting chin hairs? There may be a variety of reasons, but what you may want to know more is how you are going to get rid of them. There are several possible solutions, and to consider in the treatment is your age, the cause of the hair growth, the hair type, the hair color, whether you also have other side effects of male hormones such as acne breakouts, changing hair distribution or increased oilyness to your skin. And finally your goals are strongly considered. There are no chin hair FDA approved treatments other than laser hair removal, but some medications are effective, and often solutions have to be managed with more than one technique. One medication that is less frequently used for women is Flutamide (marketed as Eulexin) which blocks the receptors of the male hormone and is actually approved as a chemotherapy treatment for prostate cancer. The potential side effects of dry skin, dry scalp and green pee is usually tolerated pretty well, but it's the potential liver toxicity that has discouraged patients and physicians from using it too often or for a prolonged course. A therapy that is used as a treatment for prostate enlargement works on another step of the pathway that makes make hormones in your body, it's called finasteride, and it's been used as well, and it has fewer side effects although may not be as effective. All the medications used for those chiny chin chin hairs however can potentially cause feminization of a male fetus and you need to have effective contraception or be past your child bearing years to consider them! Have a chat with your gyno and see how these can be improved.


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  2. Laser hair treatment therapies were not working as well without medical hair reduction therapies in some patients, do you find that too?

  3. Before treating chin hairs one needs to figure out what is really going on medically. The type of hairs needs to be characterized, the rate of growth,the current hormonal conditions and any new medications that may be affecting this. Not all hairs are equally treated by laser therapy, so you are very correct in saying that the underlying medical issues need to be addressed.


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