The Underarm Fetish of a Scottish Surgeon

Breast checking means under those pits as well. And not just for the lumps and bumps of lymph nodes, red streaks, and rashes (ok, rashes have nothing to do with your breasts for the most part, but I do get a lot of questions about those). James Spence was the Edinburgh chair of systematic surgery and he he published the Lectues on Surgery in 1871. The portion of the breast that extends into the underarm  and is thicker than the other portions of the breast, and is the continuation of that bulky upper outer quadrant of the breast is known as the Tail of Spence is named for this Scottish Surgeon. Some have called it the Spence Axillary Tail. Not really sure if he had a fetish, but I'm thinking maybe he did. I'm still searching for the authoritative work that led them to name that part of the breast after him. And if you know of a body part in search of a name, call me, I'm wanting that naming that will just put me over the top...back to his fetish later


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