This is your brain. This is your brain after an Eclamptic Seizure in Pregnancy.

Eclampsia and
Preeclampsia, like reading and massive use of petrochemicals separates us from the animals. As far as we know there is no native animal disease that is eclampisa, the high blood pressure and kidney disease accompanied by seizures in the second half of pregnancy. Thankfully eclampsia is rare, the seizures are self limited, and it is extraordinarily rare to occur in a second pregnancy. Moreover the seizures, being so short, basically have been thought to have no real long term consequence for the women so suffer this potentially devastating disease in pregnancy. Following women after these difficult pregnancies has been difficult. But in the Netherlands they have data banks of patients we barely can dream about in the US. So they have been tracking groups of these patients down. Newer findings that actually are looking at both the brain anatomy by MRIs and the brain functioning by cognitive tests have started to reveal that in fact the seizures may specifically cause white matter damage that can lead to long term brain function problems. So: avoiding pre-, preventing pre-from becoming eclampsia and getting proper post eclampsia evaluations is probably what needs to happen next, other than more research on the topic. As fixing the brain, we’ve not made too much progress there either!


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