The Russian Solution; bringing us out of the Rose Garden For Better Birthing

Did you know the origin of natural pain medication free labor and controlled breathing and pain prevention in childbirth? What is thought by most people to be the discovery of the French physician Dr. Frenand Lamaze, was actually an adaptation of Dr. Anatoly Nikolaev, an obstetrician practicing in Leningrad, which built upon the vast psychological works that began with Pavlov and continued through the psychotherapist I.Z. Velvovskii who applied his conditioned response theories to childbirth. Physicians had long let women labor under many misconceptions. Literally the most renown text of birthing in 1513 entitled Rose Garden for Pregnant Women and Midwives was more a recitation of lore and historical versions of medical cures than it was based on any sound science at all. Luckily in those ancient times many women were suspect of 'mainstream'' medicine. And though years of progress women have been subjected to all manners of herbs and chemicals and gases to help them though the pains of labor. And none have ever been proven to be as safe for mom or baby as the relaxation and breathing techniques that have evolved into the modern methods dubbed "lamaze", but are actually combination of similar techniques that have been found to work together. At Women's Health Practice we encourage the use of a birthing plan so that you can maximize your understanding and choices.


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