Sniffing out a mate?

You can sniff out your mate. Ok, so it's not just sleuthing, and whether he smokes. It's more elemental than that my friends. Smell apparently does factor into why we pick mates. Sounds primeval. Sounds provocative. Trust your instincts, or should you? What if you discover that your birth control completely flipped your sense of mate sniffing ability? And all this time you just thought opposites attract! But there is so much more coming on the scent scene all the time! Men are attracted to us when we ovulate, and even their testosterone levels climb when they sniff the shirts of ovulating women!


  1. Isn't that phermones?

  2. For years scientists have documented pheromones in bees, and a few other insects. Apparently the silkworm is another insect that has these. A few bacteria operate their colonies with chemical signals as well. It's been less clear whether any mammals have these. Here's a scientific discussion on another blog that might be edifying:

  3. I think that is pheromones. According to many experts, the reason why one person, mostly male, can easily attract women for one-night-stands while others have had difficulties in achieving one, is because of human pheromones. Not all people have the same level of pheromones. Some are known for their higher levels of pheromones, while others have below average pheromone levels, which is why some men are good with the women while others are not.

    Thanks for the great read.


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