Should you change BC if you don't pass the pap test?

If you like your contraception, stick with it, through thick or thin, good paps and bad was a recent conclusion.

For several years we have thought about whether there is any hormonal promoter effect on types of HPV viral infections that a woman might pick up. Young women who are likely to test positive for HPV were evaluated by the epidemiologic groups across the country and reported by Tiffan Harris a PhD researcher out of Seattle at the University of Washington School of Public Health to see if it would be safer for them to be using birth control pills or Depoprovera (DMPA). Basically they found that neither method increased the risk of cervical dysplasia (precancer of the cervix). Technical considerations for the gynos were found. The appearance of these abnormalities on the cervix did change a bit with one method over the other, but that is something gynos are usually prepared to handle.


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