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Sunday, January 12, 2014

To Salt or No Salt?

The new research on hypertension makes it very difficult for physicians to give dietary salt advice! The Oxford Journals have added a free section devoted to the publication of their literature on salt intake so that researchers and the public can follow these developments. Uptodate.com points out that essential hypertension is not known in indigenous populations who keep their salt intake reasonable,half of what we consume. They keep their diet tight, under 1.2 g of sodium a day, and if you need a boost to figure out what's in what, if you just worked out and are downing a Gatorade....that would be 80 (of your 1200 today). Cutting back on salt works to lower blood pressure if you are fat, if you are thin, if you are young, if you are old, if you already have normal BP or if you have hypertension. Ugh! How to spice up your diet, common kids, you can help me out here, it's time to do the January new years work outs and, feast on the winter stews with parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme, yum, it's got me humming already, and there's no salt in that list. And for more advanced understanding of risks, you need to calculate your Framingham Risk Score, then get in to get your blood lipid levels as well, and then to discuss with your Gyno Gal, or whomever is doing your primary care, because in matters of the Heart...risk reduction is where it's at!


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