Menstrual Blood Myths are Global and Timeless

In 1977 Snow and Johnson published a landmark paper in JAMA regarding the fears inner-city women in Michigan had regarding their menstrual blood flow. It was thought to be full of impurities the body had to rid itself of, and to this day, these misconceptions persist. And these fears are fairly culturally pervasive across the globe with tribes in Africa that believe menstrual blood can ruin crops and livestock.It's actually pretty great reading to just muse over what we've thought about menstrual blood. And as the pill turns 50 we have to realize that millions of women were forced to bleed monthly by well meaning obstetricians because frankly, they too thought that it would be thought of to be more "natural" to mimic a menstrual period. But not natural for cave women, or many native cultures.

And fears of discussing menstruation prohibit women from getting proper diagnosis and care for endometriosis according to , Lone Hummelshoj, secretary general of the World Endometriosis Society,


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