Its the season for Congestion,but in the Pelvis it's chronic

Pelvic Congestion Syndrome on Ultrasound With Color Flow Doppler
Sometime chronic pain can be one of the most difficult conditions to make a firm diagnosis of. You may be the picture of health, but the picture in your pelvis may tell another story. You may have had gyno visit after gyno visit and they cannot figure out what is wrong. But things are wrong, for the women with chronic pelvic pain. The symptoms of lower pelvic heaviness,  throbbing, tdiscomfort with sex, and the symptoms getting worse on your period, are often what is wrong with the women who's ultrasound may appear as the one above. It feels worse at the end of a long day. We have blood vessels that lead to the uterus, and when they dilate, become varicosities, the condition is known as pelvic congestion.These color images of the dilated blood vessels in the pelvis show blood flow to (red) and from (blue) the ultrasound machine. The color flow Doppler technique is very useful in figuring out the issue and can make a diagnosis when other gynos are just plain stumped. Have you been told of pelvic congestion? Gab with us, send us your story!


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