Gardasil but still touched by the HPV virus

There are more than a good share of HPV quotes out there Amy Schumer, touching on all my favorite topics: existential gyno questions (still have HPV in spite of the vaccine), sex, motherhood, and swimming!! So for you surfers out there, you see if you can find the quote that has all those topics woven into one pithy bit of homespun gyno advice! Inspiration just can pour out from everywhere! Yes, it's true, of the 30-40 viruses that affect the genital area, Gardasil, which came beyond the age of inception of sexual activity of many of you anyway, covers a mere FOUR types (yes, some cross protection). So get out those condoms (Female ones protect better than male condoms, but alas, nothing covers everything, if you know what we mean). And promote the vaccine anyway, because some protection is always better than no protection. And for a bit of humor to inspire you to gab about it all with your girls, check out Amy Schmer's bit. It's a good one, thanks reader, keep up the good work!


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