Does Sterilizaiton Change Sex Drive? 1991 Research says NO

Tying your tubes or getting a vasectomy will not change your ability to have sex or your desire to have sex. In fact sterilization generally reduces fear of pregnancy and encourages having sex with abandonment. Shain et al in 1991 and published in Obstetrics and Gynecology studied married women and their sexuality. It was an interesting concept, they followed a group of heterosexual couples: one group got tubals, one got vasectomies, one group were not planning any sterilization. And in general, all groups reported less interest and satisfaction in sexuality over time, but all groups were about the same. And though they reported less interest, sex frequency actually stayed about the same. This was a follow up to the information we got from a study of sexual adjustment after laparoscopic sterilization was investigated by Kjein a Danish population in the early 1980s and published in the Eur Jr Ob Gyn. The study comprised 659 patients who underwent laparoscopic sterilization during a four-year period (1980-1983). There was no difference in libido, coital frequency, and sexual satisfaction between the two groups.Weight changes are not seen as hormone changes are not seen. But these were the pre-Viagra, pre-Oprah and Pre Essure procedure days when MDs didn't often ask their patients about sexual function, and one wonders what the data would show if we really repeated this research today. Although regret data is sparse, somewhere between 2-30% of patients regret their decision to have tied their tubes. and currently we only use IVF to try for pregnancy, a July 2013 cost analysis study in AJOG showed that it is possible to be more cost effective if someone wants pregnancy to rejoin the tubes, so that may have a sex drive impact on some couples as well. I'll keep digging girls, Gyno Gab gal is on the job!


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