Cough Politely Please

Worried about that biopsy you're bound to get today in your gyno office? A brilliant idea came to some Viennese gynos as they were waltzing (ok, I added that, but it is so much easier to think when you are gliding across the floor and your mind is wandering to the great gyno mysteries of the day). They were studying the discomfort that women have during cervical biopsies. These biopsies are typically taken at the time of microscopic inspection of the cervix with a colposcope to evaluate abnormal pap smears. And they discovered it is as much pain relief to just cough as to get a numbing shot! Now these ladies had pain scores in the 1-3 out of 10 range, so not a lot, but still, thank you Dr. Schmid and co workers publishing in ACOG. Clever! Dr.


  1. I've heard that coughing when you get a needle helps with pain, too. Guess you just have to be careful when you do it!


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