Are your dopamine receptors activated? Get your Bones Checked

Multiple potent medications have been developed for treatment of various psychological conditions. Especially medications that treat schizophrenia, psychotic depression, anxiety and bipolar conditions. Many of these medications have success at controlling these conditions through dopamine (one of the brain) receptors. The D2 receptors also are affected (that should be with a subscript to be exact). those receptors are located in the pituitary gland and control the secretion of prolactin. The chronic stimulation of prolactin by long term use of these medications actually leads to a chronic estrogen deficiency (may be tied into sexuality complaints, more on that later, stick to task) could have adverse consequences on one's bones. Your gyno could tell  you whether comprehensive or at least more sophisticated evaluations are necessary. Calcium, vitamin D and exercise is always a good bet as well, but often getting enough exercise with some of these conditions is problematic and probably contributory to poor bone health.


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