Cell Collectors has yeilded Eureka!

Gynos have a few odd hobbies. I collect old IUDs, and old medical books, and koshi dolls, mourning fans, baby carriers, nesuke and old knitting patterns, to name of few of my favs. But how about these collectors of cells, actually they are 'cell line' collectors. Pretty edgy. There are a group of researchers collecting what they call the American Type cell lines. And there are interesting features of these American Type ovarian cancer cells. They are p53 problem cells. Normally our p53 gene gets our cells to protect us against cancer. With problem p53 cells, we have a bit of trouble fighting off the effects of cancer mutations. So some Chi town researchers got a hold of a fatty acid suspecion  Omegaven from the Fresenius-Kabi corporation and fed it to the cells to see if we could fix them. This would be like us downing some flax-seed in pretty good quantities to up our omega-3 fatty acid intake. And yep, the problem cells had their fancy TGF-β1 signaling pathway altered. Without explaining much more than this, basically they have proved in a dish a possible way that eating right could head off ovarian cancer. Ilove this, real biologic plausibility for the stuff that we sort of know: eating right is good for us. Not that we need more reasons. We have the reasons, we have the proof, now if we could just build a better French fry, I’m convinced progress, as well as my life,  would be enhanced.


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