Where did my diagnosis go? You May be A Diabetic!

In the past you might have been given the Diagnosis of Gestational Diabetes, it may not be your diagnosis now! When it comes to definitions,  all the names these days have been changing, so there went your diagnosis. So beginning now in  2010, the International Association of Diabetes and Pregnancy Study Groups (IADPSG), an international group with representatives from multiple obstetrical and diabetes organizations, including the American Diabetes Association (ADA), recommended that women found to have diabetes at their initial prenatal visit, receive a diagnosis of overt, rather than gestational, diabetes. Given that the waistlines are greater, and other factors, such as sedentary lifestyle, inappropriate diet and so forth are so common, more and more women are being screened as they begin pregnancy rather than at the 28th of the 40 pregnancy weeks. So, it's assumed that if you have a diagnosis already in the first trimester, when the effects of pregnancy hormones are minimal, then you shouldn't be called a "gestational" diabetic"....you're just D-I-A-B-E-T-I-C! And apparently this group is more than just susceptible to the early influences of pregnancy hormones. They are probably latent type I diabetics and could be found to have islet cell antibodies in their blood stream if we look hard enough. And anyone treated for diabetes, whatever type, in pregnancy, needs to be re-screened after 6 weeks post partum, and re-secreened in the future as well, so that those who stay diabetic can get a firm diagnosis.


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