What tampon to Wear

Lots of unflattering sayings about women criticized us when we were at that time of the month, and not just Aunt Flo visiting. And long before On the rag became derogatory we used some pretty proper sounding private garments such as lint in biblical times or wool in ancient Rome and paper in Japan and shards of grass on the Serengeti planes of Africa. Now we pretty much clip coupons and grab the cheapest right? But some are more green. Yanks have gotten used to those paper insertion devices, but think about that once in a while, it really is a waste of some paper products. There are companies making more organic and less chemical products to use as well. For sensitive skin consider alternatives the next time you shop. And then our anatomy. When was the last time your gyno really gave you advice as to what size, shape, dimension. I guess trial and error is still friendly for our "friend".


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