Smarter because of SMART 3, because you get less smarts

Does it ever smart after you've had sex? Why? Becuase you are over 50 and over menopause and you thought you were over hormones? But instead it feels like the fire won't quit and it's not fun or funny? It's probably simple vaginal atrophy. In the past: you were told to wait it out or even to stop. But luckily Estrogen is a terrific treatment for vaginal atrophy. But for those not wanting to incur systemic effects of estrogen, there are otehr choices. So GET SMART, and what we mean, is get up on the newest hot hormone research to come along in a long time.

Previously we have reported some of the results on the radical new menopausal therapy called TSEC. It is an Estrogen/SERM combination, more specifically Bazedoxifene and conjugated equine estrogen combination for the treatment of the various menopausal issues women face. SMART 1 studied over 3000 women and the effects on bone health. SMART 2 reported that hot flashes can be relieved SMART3 is a study to look at the vaginal and vulvar dryness and irritation that interfears with intercourse, can be irritating, and progresses over time. Women who were given The bazedoxifene 20 mg plus the onjugated estrogen 0.625 mg improved their vaginas objectively and subjectively as well as normalizing vaginal pH. So indeed these women were smart as they suddenly got much less smarts. So it's new, it's powerful, and it's being studied from many angles, so it's SMART!


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