Planning your Pap: Not Tonight Dear

 1. No period, check 2. No sex for 24 (or was that 48 hours, experts disagree, so we say 24), check 3. No Replens for 4 days... No yeast medications, and maybe I had better reschedule that pap smear if I am on my menstrual period.
And now that in 2013 women are getting fewer pap smears, perhaps we better caution to err on the side of caution. Gynecology textbooks give gynos instructions for their patients on what to tell them prior to their pap smears, but mostly they forget to remind them as recent liquid based pap smears seem to be pretty accurate one way or the other, and the HPV tests might be even more accurate than the paps. The package inserts of the pap smear do have some instructions about what to tell the patients prior to her pap, but it's not usually a set if guidelines that the office staff reminds the patients. And most likely neither  the gyno or the patient know some of the hidden pitfalls in terms of getting that pap right. Instruction number three for instance not even in the package insert of the product Replens, but Gyno Gab contacted the company for us girls, and yes no Replens for 4 days. So think back, did you get a proper last pap smear? If not you may want to get one next year, not three years from now.


  1. 24hr or 48hr? That makes a difference you know;)

  2. So true, 24 has been the standard recommendation, but depending upon usage of gels, how long caps and diaphragms were kept in etc...."timing" is sometimes harder to nail down in time...and getting the pap is always better than skipping the pap altogether! Best bet, communication with your provider!


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