Osteoporosis, Treatment and Standing Tall Wins!

Women need to be concerned with 4 factors when protecting their bones: how thick (dense) are your bones, the basic size and geometry of your bones, the architecture of your bones and finally how rapid your bones turn over. You replace your whole skeleton about every 10 years, and as you age you want this process to continue. But too rapid a turn over, for instance as we go through menopause can be a negative. If any of these four factors are abnormal you will have an increased risk of fracture. Thus, as these factors become abnormal gynos feel that you should consider treatment. But treatment will potentially have some down side as well. Many patient shave heard some of the reports of the rare, but real fractures that can result from the therapy. Some reports have shown that some atypical fractures have appeared in patients off medication as well as in those taking medication designed to treat or prevent osteoporosis, But if we treat 1000 women for 10 years we should prevent fractures in at least 100 women., which is considered a favorable risk benefit ratio to many physicians. And even if some of these atypical fractures occur we may see one case at the most in these 1000 women. And in many long term trials there are actually no long term reports of these atypical fractures. Women do remember that it's important to get proper vitamin D, exercise, normalize your weight, calcium and have your balance as honed as possible. If you don't fall you're less likely to break the bones!


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