New Initials Perhaps In Order, how about LBAC, IBAC as well as VBAC

What have the Brits brought us now! Wave the White Flags Gynos, are we ready to cry UNCLE. Just when the Yanks were touting that too few VBACs were being done the British Jr of Ob Gyn has reported new risks for those who select vaginal birth after C-sections. So what's a gyno to do. I suggest more initials. Say what we mean...are we talking just some labor and then a C-section, or having to induce the labor, the VBAC initials imply the fate accomplished...and so often it never will be. So read up and start using: Labor after C-section...the "L" "Back" and INDUCTION (the riskiest) the "I" "Back". Then we can be talking the same language, maybe. 


  1. Dr. Suzanne,
    Would you write a post about recurring yeast infection. It there anything new in the research about it?

  2. Lots of yeast research and there are two posts.Lab bench scientists are mad at work linking yeast to possible breast cancer treatments in mice, of course that is one of the other twenty strains of yeast we know about and Candida which is all we focus on for human vaginal infections is not the one they were testing.


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