The Back Story: Is it the Back or the Pelvic Organs Causing Disease?

It is possible for some pelvic pain to be caused by back pain. Walking in the tall pointy high heels will exaggerate your lower back curvature forward causing strains that can lead to lower back and pelvic pains. It is not always possible to pinpoint the cause of some of these nagging back or pelvic pains, because some physical signs are subtle. That vague pain that hurts a bunch more if you start to do situps or the elliptical, this  might be a sign of something else. If you have a history of crooked spine (scoliosis) or back or muscle problems you are more likely to be suffering from  muscular derived pain than inner abdominal or pelvic organ problems. If your stretching and exercising hurts a bunch more than ever before, then you are more likely to have a muscle or fascia problems. If you contract your abdominal wall and you feel a bit better, again, it might be myofascial pain. Radiating pain from back to groin or thigh is more likely muscular. Remember it could be both. And your gyno can sort, so don't go it alone. Pelvic exams, culture tests, sonograms, they can all help figure it out!


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