Low blood pressure? Healthy or a sign of medical illness?

You can't be too rich, or too thin, or too low a blood pressure, right? Wrong, on several accounts, but anyway, the blood pressure. Can your blood pressure ever be too low? Yes. Women can be tired, light headed, dizzy, and faint from pressures that are chronically too low. And sometimes it's a simple fix. I read a figure that 2.5 billion people globally are anemic. The World Health Organization estimates that 42% of women in the non-industrial countries are anemic and about 20% of women in industrialized countries are anemic. Anemia can cause low blood pressure. Most anemia is caused by low iron and can be detected by a simple blood testing at your physicians office called a hemoglobin. Serum ferritin testing and complete blood counts (CBC) are used for more in depth testing. Often the anemia is caused by heavy menstrual bleeding, and that is the first thing your gyno will check for if you feel feint. 


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