HPV may (cause?) Endometriosis Too

Endometriosis causes the symptom of pain and is internal in the body. HPV causes no symptoms for the most part, and likes 'epithelial' or surfaces, like the vulva, the vagina, the cervix. The more sophisticated our ability to track the presence of a particular virus, the more we find out. Just like some women thought to have completely cleared HPV, but now were told that with better testing we have discovered fewer people clearing the virus, and only longer term studies of the same women will help answer questions as to what % of women be cured of this virus. The cervix is the gateway to the inner abdomen for a women. Now these new more sensitive tests, used in research settings, have found HPV in endometriosis tissue! Wow! Shocker! German researchers tested endometriosis tissue for Herpes and Chlamydia and found none! But when they went looking for HPV and HPV viral fragments, there they were in the endometriosis. One patient even had a cancer of the ovary right next to the tissue with HPV infected endometriosis tissue! Being that we always thought that the HPV virus only could infect epithelial (outer layer, in layman's terms) tissues it's disconcerting to think otherwise. We will follow this work very closely! And if you have been diagnosed with endometriosis maybe you should think about HPV testing. HPV is most linked with cervical, vaginal, vulvar and anal pre-cancers and cancers, so it is why we test for it in women. It's especially important to have an HPV screening test if you are age 30 or over, and are not planning on yearly pap smears.


  1. This occurred to me too! Longtime endo sufferer. Glad someone is looking into it.

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  2. So much good endometriosis research is being done. At Women's Health Practice we are currently enrolling a trial for recurrent endometriosis pain. 217-356-3736 fpr anyone in our area. Thanks for the comment!

  3. Hello. My name is Johnny, but I go by Jesse. I am a senior honors-in-biology student at ETSU with published research on ATP Synthase and have an ~3.75 GPA. I would be interested in joining a research team studying HPV's relation with endometriosis. I originally hypothesized that due to the nature of HPV and its diversity, specifc forms would possibly be the initiator of endometriosis. Please comment back and perhaps we can exchange information.

  4. Endometriosis research is a terrific field to get into and always excited to hear about novel approaches that can lead to a cure. Endometriosis research spans the clinical, the biological, the social, the molecular, the psychological aspects of medicine just to name a few. Because it involves pain as a manifestation, and the relief involves pain treatment, it's difficult to get women to participate in the purely clinical trials as it takes a special person to be willing to risk getting assigned to the placebo group. Progress has been slow. If we can identify the cure from a biological approach, individuals would be helped tremendously. What has to be done is find a way to study the woman before she gets the disease and then as she progresses into a diagnosis. That seems to be one rate limiting step in trying ot figure out whether inciting microbiologic organisms were truly there before the individual became sick in my opinion. What do you think?

  5. I recently came across this post while searching for some help regarding my health issues. Has more research been done regarding the link between HPV and endometriosis?? I currently have HPV and have a hunch that I also have endometriosis. Please direct me to any new links regarding the research of this topic! Thank you!

  6. Readers of this blog and listeners to my WILL radio show are always interested in new stories about endometriosis research and I will keep following whatever new lines of research I can find to report on. We are currently recruiting patients for a study of patients who have failed prior endometriosis treatments.

  7. I am currently 19 years old and was diagnosted with endometriosis when I was 15 and had surgery a year later I found out I had hpv I'm nineteen now with no health insurance and haven't been back to the doctor in a year I had my last pap.in nivember 2011 and lately I have been hurting extremely bad I alsi went under the lupron depot treatment after my surgery just git my period back a year ago I have been having severe pain in my abdomen the last four months Di you think it is associated with endometriosis or hpv??!

  8. Endometriosis is known to cause chronic pelvic pain, women with a prior diagnosis of endometriosis are very likely to have this be the cause of persistent pain. For those with no insurance suggestions would be to seek care at local public health clinic, free clinic or Planned Parenthod, or as an alternative seek research trials you may qualify for.

  9. I agree with your theory and have put together a time-line of my history of endometriosis and HPV

    May 12 2004 – HPV Vaginal Warts : cryotherapy, successful removal.
    Nov 29 2004 – First complaint of Menses being painful
    Jul 19 2005 – Continued Complaints of increasing pain before menses.
    Mar 08 2006 – Complaints of increased pain before and after menses.
    July 12 2006 – Lower Abdominal pains now present all the time.
    Mar 05 2007 – More complaints of increasing pain present all the time and increasing at menses and referral to Gyne.
    Aug 09 2007 – Laparoscopy – Cauterized
    Aug 20 2007 – Lupron 6/12
    May 5 2008 – Tried Yaz, and other birth controls
    Nov 13 2008 – Referral to 2nd opinion Gyne
    Dec 12 2009 – Depo Provera 150 mg 2/12
    Jan 15 2009 – Laparoscopy – Excision
    Oct 3 2011 – Stopped Depo provera
    Jan 31 2012 – I got Gastroeneteritis really bad was sick for 30 days and lost 25 pounds, I have been nauseous in varing degrees every day since i had gastro.
    Aug 1 2012- First Period after Depo Provera
    Dec 20 2012 – Tried Danazol, am nauseous daily now and have epigastric pain constantly
    Feb 08 2013 – Stopped Danazol due to side effects.
    May 2013-Present – EVERY morning i am awoken by burning in my stomach and after moving around in bed trying to calm it down, the nausea starts and i toss and turn until i cant handle it anymore, then i get up and start the bathroom routine of pooping 8-9 times in an hour whilst dry heaving or puking and pain everywhere in my abdomen and upper stomach. Nausea persists all day.

  10. Women who have endometriosis can have both persistent pain as well as GI symptoms. Of course new GI symptoms need to be evaluated for a gastrointestinal cause before assuming that it is endometriosis. Recurrent pains of endometriosis can be treated surgically or medically, and sometimes just need pain management. there is a new Neurocrine endometriosis medication called Elagolix that can be reviewed at their website: http://www.neurocrine.com/index.cfm?navId=23 that is also now an option for women, as is the use of Mirena IUD. We welcome new patients at Women's Health Practice.com 217-356-3736

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  13. I'm very confused on the matter that I'm dealing with when I was 15-16 years old my doctor told me my pain was from cysts on my ovaries. GAve me the pill mad my pain worse. So we tried the patchouse with the same outcome. I was a Virginia still till I was 19. It was always there leaking leaving me walking hunched over on the drop of a dime. At 20 I had my first son and was diagnosed with hpv no warts or herpes. After my son's birth it started to get painful during intercourse deep inside. The pain with that got worse over the years and 2 children later. After my 3rdad son I had a tubal my first obgyn thought I might have had scaring on my tubes which was causing the pain. There was none. My 3rd obgyn did a pap smeer said I had irregular cells and hormonal in balance. Gave me some antibiotics told me I could have irritable blater said the only thing he could do was have me come in 4 out of 7 days pump mess in and out of my bladder for5 hours a day...I have Irish twins and a 4 year old how would that work out...I'm lost at where to go for help my husband feels like hespecially rapping me and some days I can't even move. Or if I move a wrong way it's under bearable. I just don't know where or what to do about this pain any suggestions would be great
    Thanksgiving you

  14. I always encourage women who have had many tests, and seen many health care providers and have had symptoms over a fair amount of time, get a coherent list of symptoms, tests and treatments and head for a second opinion. This has to be done in person as tests for infection and blood level imbalances can not be treated by reading a blog. We do take new patients at 217-356-3736, thanks.

  15. I was diagnosis with HPV over 15 years ago having one irregular PAP Smear. since then all my test have been normal. I have had two all natural, full term pregnancies. My daughters are 8 and 4. about 3 years ago I began having very bad abdominal cramping and pain only on my right side. Asked my OBGYN who said I might have pulled a muscle in my leg. I change my OBGYN and was told it could be my fallopian tube. After having surgery I found out it was endometriosis. My pain went away for about two years and I have been trying to manage it ever since (not wanting to have surgery again or be on Lupron).
    I literally was in the middle of studying for school and thought the two might be linked. typed it into google and ended up on this site.
    I am in San Francisco but would love to participate in any way I can.
    I am especially scared for my two girls. The more research we can do, they better off they and so many others will be.


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