BV or CV?

Not all infections that are not yeast are BV. We also forget that technically BV is polymicrobial and an imbalance of normal. This is why most culture tests wouldn't be useful, because it's not what bugs, but what level of bugs. And when there is normal pH (it's more basic or higher number with BV) and it looks a bit like a yeast infection with the chunky white discharge, but there is no odor and only increased WBCs under the microscope then what is it? CV. Cytolytic vaginosis. No code for it exists in the official manual of diagnoses so your gyno just doesn't think of it. And it's not so clear what triggered it or what can cure it, also frustrating for all. But if you have been on the no-cure-vaginal-infection bandwagnon. Throw this diagnosis at your gyno .


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