After a work out what's your HR?

There are lots of ways to measure fitness, and now and then one should have a bit of reality check. And if you've finally worked up enough sweat to raise that HR, it's not just the maximal HR that you have gotten to. It's how fast you recover. And that recovery back to baseline might take upto 30 minutes. But it's hard to keep track of one's HR for 30 minutes. So an easier measure is what your HR is after just 1 minute has passed when the whirl of the exercise has stopped. You really should drop 50 BPM right away, if you are in optimum health. You need a heart check up if you drop less than 30 beats by a minute. So the next time you see someone headed off the front steps going out for a work out, and they look like R2D2 with phones, and nanos and pedometers,  and special pockets for their keys, and helmets and knee pads,and now has added a HR monitor, give them a thumbs up. Equipment is a good thing.


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