53 is the new 66

EPs can pretty reliably be diagnosed by blood testing of HCG combined with ultrasound testing. Actually it’s easier to rule out than in. And some cases are just plain easier to diagnose. There are pregnancies that have such a high HCG with no visible ultrasound presence of pregnancy in the uterus the diagnosis is fairly clear. And there are other pregnancies in which the numbers do not climb at all with no pregnancy in the uterus. Both pretty clearly tubal pregnancies (for the most part). Then we have those that have a low enough hormone level we aren’t sure if it’s just a newly started pregnancy or one that has very abnormal hormone production because it’s not in the right place. For those we look at the “doubling time.” Most normal pregnancies will have their placental hormone HCG double in 48 hours. But some won’t and we used to say they should at least rise about 66%. But new data says that some healthy pregnancy can even have hormone levels that rise more slowly than that…only 53% over the two days. Making 53 the old 66.


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