What tests do you need if you hurt in your pelvis?

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Like getting a headache there are actually psychological causes of pelvic pain, but it's more likely that something else is going on. So pelvic pains shouldn't be ignored. So when you go to your gyno with a complaint of pelvic pain the first question you might ask is what conditions could you have and the second question is what tests will help you determine which of these conditions you actually have.  If you do not have pelvic inflammatory disease, or endometriosis, or menstrual cramps, an ovarian cyst, a early pregnancy or a tubal pregnancy and then consider whether bladder, or bowel conditions can be the problem. Work up of pelvic pain can be done relatively quickly, a few culture tests to rule out infections and STDs; a pelvic exam to look for conditons of the cervix the vagina, the uterus and the ovaries;  a pelvic ultrasound, sometimes a CAT scan; and if you have not gotten any abnormal results the next tests to have are screening tests for depression, anxiety, and bladder problems or infections can all reveal the cause of pain. It's not usually just a stomach ache, constipation, gas, or too many sit ups causing sore muscles!  Your gyno can also get clues from other aspects of your case. If you have been infertile and you have pelvic pain, you may be more likely to have endometriosis. Same to if you have had pain successfully treated by taking birth control pills, this makes your gyno think you may again have endometriosis. If you have pain, and heavy periods, it is more suspicious for uterine fibroids. So Pay attention to how long you have had the pain, where the pain is located, what you have done to make the pain better or worse, and those answers will give your gyno more clues to the pain. Eventually many women can only get a correct diagnosis if they have what is termed a diagnostic laparoscopy. It is a surgery, but considered minor, and the downtime can be minimal for some women. Basically if you hurt it's time to gab with the gyno, call now!


  1. Laparoscopy is not minor surgery...

  2. Minor surgery....relatively speaking...as compared to laparotomies which surgeons still classify under major surgery.


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