Fatigue Fighting Together

Here are  tips: What are yours?
Other combat fatigue, no science here, just duh for the most part as most people violate pretty much all of these
1. If you snore-rule out sleep apnea
2. If you are anemic, iron, B12, folic acid depending on type of anemia
3. Read a book now and then, your mind has to clear and refocus
4. Stop smoking, or cut down, all smoking
5. Have sex, all types will do
6. Get enough sleep, and really enough, not just enough for you
7. Go to bed at the same time each night, yes then get up each day too, biorythems count!
8. Avoid caffeine after 6 pm
9. Avoid alcohol after dinner
10. Keep your mind active and challenged
11. Stay hydrated, and stop anything that is preventing you from being that way, heavy bleeding, low blood sugar, high blood sugar
12. Work it: work out
13. Meditate, you need your secret word
14. Try yoga, or just increase your flexiblity, stretched muscles are healthy
15. Find your chi
16. Manage stress
17. Dream and plan
18. Brighten your skin
19. And if you can “be happy”, pass it on


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