C/S rates top 30%

In the United States we’ve used the term Cesarean Section to mean the delivery of an infant through a cut in the uterus, since the term cesarean means cut, it’s sort of a tautology meaning “cut cut”, so Cesarean Birth is probably a preferable term. However, cut cut seems to more accurately describe the rates of operative births in the US. Rates have increased and increased. And in spite of the rates being dramatically altered, they will likely go much higher. At the turn of the last century the Cesarean birth rate was 0.6%, nationally we have now approached 31 or 32%. This pales in comparison to the rates in Brasil which have topped 70% in their hospitals (nation rates could be lower if one could accurately adjust for vaginal births occurring at home). So when figuring your chances of a C/S...pretty likely if a third of women are delivering via C-section.


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