Blame the Waist Line on Brain Signals

Are you Fat because your brain is signaling you improperly. For some individuals the brain signals cause you to overeat or to be addicted to food, at least this complex set of theories says so. Fat because of addiction? Apparently research has looked into how caged rats become food addicts: Fat over Fiber, and the Rats want it! It may be the type of brain receptors that are favored or repressed based on the rats being caged, or the way certain brain receptor which have to respond to the signals are distributed. Yes, Scientific American researchers in 2010 have begun to explore the genetic and chemical reasons that your waist line grows. They have done research on rat brains and found  the TaqIA A1 allele for the D2 receptors as well as drug addiction and obesity, and the DRD2 receptor status of the brain probably controls a lot of addictive behaviors. This is not the first time food intake has been studied relative to brain chemistry. We have been watching the stories of food intake as it is related to the intake of chemicals, for instance the chemicals in cigarettes that make it less likely to be food addicted. Nicotine is more addicting than the cocaine or heroin, so we have lots of fertile ground for working out the addiction thing via brain pathways. The eventual successful treatment of obesity, as well as other addiction treatments, will probably involve a whole set of brain chemical compounds and compounds to treat the addictions; as we have to fight chemistry with counter chemistry. But what makes me think the most: I always wonder evolutionarily: there must have been some environmental advantage to "addictions" cave times: eat fat obsessively might have had an advantage as it was often a prelude to times of starvation, and the animals didn't eat after all that fat was taken away. Think about the next time your mother says, eat your vegetables, why you should just never skip them, or all that urge to eat right...just slips away. What brain signals do you use to avoid food addictions or over eating?


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