Test the Test and Treat the Symptoms!

When and what tests to have when symptoms are vague but annoyingly persistent is one of the bigger medical dilemmas women and their gynos face! As technology improved physicians literally sometimes forget that plain old blood tests can just be wrong. And some can just be confusing. Like a blood pregnancy test. In  The Female Patient there has been an article about patients who persistently have a positive blood pregnancy test, and no pregnancy that can be found! Tumors, poorly functioning kidneys that can't clear molecules, missed very subtle tubal pregnancies are often blamed. And sometimes, yes, hate to admit, but the test is just plain wrong. There are molecules that "cross" in terms of their structure and register positive. In other cases we are being compared to "normals", for instance some women do feel better if their thyroid is boosted in spite of the so called "normal" test. Remember one test is just one number at one point in time! A negative pregnancy test might be positive if repeated as a blood test in a day or so. Thinking about how complex these tests are it just reminds us, every once in awhile, test the test and check into the symptoms...or lack of symptoms...to make sense of your values.


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