Want a Vaginal Birth, Maybe You Should Move?

Almost 1/3 women are birthed by surgery in the US today, and lots of factors go into this statistic. Of course if you are pregnant, sit down with your gyno and a good birth plan and then ask some individual probing questions. What would be the safest birth for your baby and for you?  But it's pretty interesting reading to go over the National Vital Statistic Report of Births and you can learn a lot. For instance we have many fewer teen births, but the rate of C-sections has soared in just the past 10 years. For awhile we used to blame the introduction of fetal monitoring as a factor in the increased rate, but monitoring came into virtually universal use over three decades ago. Furthermore, year after year, rates vary by state, with some states consistantly having high rates and some with consistently lower. One table I looked at had has Mississippi running the highest rate of C-section and Utah the lowest. So what would you do to get a vaginal birth? Eat less? Change gynos? Get a midwife instead of a MD? Move states? Gab on and let me know!


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