Is it your mood or your menstrual period that's getting out of hand?

Research studies show that Heavy Menstrual Bleeding (HMB to your doc) disrupts family life, work life, your moods, and your eating habits. In fact you can become so anemic you turn into a magpie, figuratively that is, as magpies eat virtually anything, so the Latin derivative for this condition, completely out of hand, is called pica eating. Chewing ice, the ends of your pens, your nails, (it can get worse and progress to clay and stuff that really sounded good in pregnancy, that's a whole different level of the problem of pica) sound like anyone you know? The moodiness, the tampon overuse, the big clots, the overuse of the cramp meds, all signs that you should consider treating your HMB.We've discussed the results of a trial of a new medication called tranexamic acid in the post of May 7, 2009, and now Xanodyne Pharmaceuticals has won FDA approval for this drug and it will be called Lysteda.  One thing women will like to hear is that this same drug, but marketed under then drug name Cyklokapron, has been approved since 1986 as an injectable treatment for hemophiliacs to prevent bleeding during tooth extraction. Not only that but it has been widely used in other areas of medicine including cardiac surgery and orthopedic surgery as an antifibrinolytics. So this medicine is used to prevent a clot from being broken down. Thus, in order for some of the bleeding to stop, at the source, your uterus, some clotting has to occur, this drug then allows that process to happen naturally. If you are on the BC pills and you still have heavy bleeding, consult your gyno first , just adding in tranexamic acid tablets may put you at extra risk of blood clots, heart attacks or strokes. But for women who don't want bambinos any more OR the trouble of a menses consider getting your gyno to do a NovaSure.

And PS, thank you again to all participants in our research trial. And if you would like to know more about Women's Health Practice research trials that are enrolling: Consider Joining a Study Now or Soon!


  1. Every thing has its advantages and disadvantages. Tampons are very comfortable than pads and it offers more freedom. But one has to be cautious for tampons, if one forget to remove it on time, then it may lead to bad smell, bacteria forms, thus leading to infections. It may also cause TSS disease. One can use tampon but has should be alert. If anytime tampon is not getting removed or facing some problems, one immediately go to gynaecologist.

  2. Most women who forget a tampon fortunately get a bit of an odor, and may have a bit of a jolt to their natural flora, but won't necessarily get an infection. It is also very rare to get TSS from the tampons we have currently. But you are so right to point out that if you have issues, don't self diagnose, see your gyno!


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