Gyno Book Club: Sex Scenes in Great Literary Works

Want to spice up your sex life? Intrigue your lovers? Expand your vocabulary, and awaken lost feelings? Head for the library. Those dusty shelves have imortalized passion with words that have defined the longing of the loins. Sex Scenes in Isadora, The autobiography of Isadora Duncan. Originally Published as My Life.
Read about what happens as she enters a tryst booked into a hotel room as Mr and Mrs X. Isadora writes, "I found myself in his arms, submerges in a storm of caresses, my heart pounding, every nerve bathed in pleasure, my whole being flooded in escatic joy--" Or for the true lovers of both art and history, read as she describes her relationship with Rodin which she describes as "that of Psyche seeking the God Pan in his grotto, on I was not asking the way to Eros, but to Apollo." And read on to your lover about Rodin fashioning a woman's breast as he breathes hard. Or perhaps there are those among you that want to read about how her physical abhorrence for a subsitute pianist developed into a torid relationship after a gaze lead t a "passionate trance," and then more. So grab your favorite silken nities, it begins with a quote by Nietzche about "golden-emerald rapture," and tell me your don't begin to stir a bit better!


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