A Vulvar "Rash" You Can Ignore If you Want

Sometimes it begins as a small spot, you may have thought it was a rash. But it's actually a skin condition called vitaligo. Its simply depigmentation. Not harmful, in some the skin color differences are certainly not dramatic. The darker natural skin color as in this patient does make it more visible. If the area is symptomatic in any way, or progressing a biopsy can be done, but usually the diagnosis is made by looking. Most women, can ignore it for the most part, and if it doesn't change and the look isn't bothersome to you, particularly in the vulvar area, it's not thought to be harmful and so you can ignore! Pigment treatments, steroids, various creams like calcineurin inhibitors,vitamin D, pseudocatalase creams,or  hydroquinone. If that hasn't worked light therapy has worked in some cases.

An excellent organization devoted to helping women with this condition and providing answers is on line at National Vitaligo Foundation


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