A new solution to an old problem: Try a TSEC

Keeping bones healthy through the menopausal transition is important, and it's not always clear what might be the best way to do that for each woman. One new approach is to use a compound approach called TSEC: "TISSUE SELECTIVE ESTROGEN COMPLEX". This approach is to pair an estrogen with a selective estrogen receptor modulator. The combination leaves the medication with a fine tuned product that has the ability to react to some estrogen sites and turn off others. The Women's Health Practice Research team has been involved in some of the trials of this nature and data is just being released from some of these trials. in the SMART trial (Selective estrogen Menopause and Response to Therapy Trial) Bazedoxifene was pared with a conjugated equine estrogen as a potential comprehensive bone and menopausal therapy. Bazedoxifene is an investigational nonsteroidal indole-based estrogen agonist/antagonist (given alone called a SERM) that is being developed as a daily oral drug for the prevention and treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis. Bazedoxifene can bind to both ERα and ERß, with slightly more affinity for ERα and serves as a competitive inhibitor of 17ß-estradiol at each receptor. Thus it is anti-breast proliferation. The newly released study showed that when used for two years women were able to increase their spine and hip bone density.


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