How Green are My Speculums?

At the end of the year the gynos take inventory like everyone else: speculums, condoms for the ultrasound machine, contact gel tubes for the fetal doptones, insemination catheters for fertility testing. And we start looking at the green-ness of our office. Going paperless with an electronic record in 2001 was a big step in the right direction, but then there’s always the: do you recycle a device or a gown and use cleaning chemicals and water or do you use one-time use devices that were made fairly green to begin with. Environmental journals probably tabulate that stuff all the time, but us gynos are left to ponder those new year questions on our own as we take stock. Although this Gyno Gab gal has metal speculums in sizes and shapes from all eras and for all purposes. I prefer the plastic speculums with the cordless lights, for most uses, so hopefully they’re just a bit greener this year than last! Happy Carbon Footprint Everyone!


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