Blood Tests for Fitness? Women's Health By the Numbers

Did you have a new year's resolution to become fit? Well, maybe you need to figure out just how fit you are, you know, a baseline. then you can build on your baseline fitness and improve. I myself love numbers, and signs on my bathroom mirror door, goal messages on my phone, stickers that say you're a star in my planners, great help too. But numbers can be obtained for more than just your weight, your BMI, or your waist measurement. Numbers can be obtained for many vitamin levels, for your insulin resistance, for your blood levels of inflammation, for your fat and carb metabolism. All these numbers will help you determine just how fit you are. You want to know all of these numbers and your gyno can help you interpret them. Recently a study from researchers out of the University of Iowa and the University of California at Davis who were studying soy and bone health found out some very interesting facts about Vitamin D. Those with better Vitamin D levels were more fit overall. Those with good Vitamin D levels didn't just have better bones as shown in other studies, in this study those with better Vitamin D levels had better balance, muscle strength, hand grip ability, and overall all weight fitness (android fat mass, lean mass, waists) were all related to vitamin D levels. Interestingly, the women with better Vitamin D levels had better basic WBC counts. Low WBC counts are good. Elevated WBC counts are an overall indicator of inflammation and is associated with obesity, morbid obesity, and not being fit.  And the information changes, as pointed out by the AMA several years ago when discussing public health information. So get in to see your Gyno and get some numbers to motivate you at the gym!


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