When to schedule date nite?

Checking your calendar as to when to schedule date nite? Babysitter, check. Night off of work, check. Jeans shortened at cleaners, check. But how about when your sex drive will be peaking? This may vary from woman to woman. If you aren’t on pills you may notice that your sex drive is at the highest when your testosterone levels are peaking, that would be in the third week of the cycle. For women with PMS, well, about a third of you have sexual dysfunction anyway, maybe check with your gyno first and get some of that cleared up! And how about menopause, in the new position statement by the North American Menopause Society, issues March 2012, there is no medical evidence that systemic hormone therapy with estrogen affects sexual interest, arousal and orgasmic response, other than if it improves menopausal symptoms and thus improves the overall quality of life. However, local estrogen can improve sexuality by improving your lubrication, increasing your blood flow to make arousal easier, and by making sex less painful. But since there is no data to say that it can help libido, if you have no other reason to use hormone therapy, there's no reason to start it because of libido concerns.


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