What not to touch, or look before you touch, or cover before you touch

Avoiding HPV can be a challenge. And no matter how enticing the condom commercials sound (and I've heard some new enticing ones on our local radio station for Sounds like I need to try this Condom Radio Ad  ), they cannot cover all the parts you can conceive of touching. So what's a girl to do? LOOK! Pretty simple. But what to look for? Well, some "looks" just are more obvious than others if you follow me. If something looks sort of alien, it probably is. But some folks from the other side have a pretty awesome site for all things itchy and oozy and lumpy, so next time you aren't sure what to touch check out the NZ DERM QUESTION BUSTERS (ok, I named them that, but really it's a fabulous reference and getting better all the time!).


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