Let My Skin Be Clear

Even those with acne and minor skin breakouts want to have a bit of color with their sun protection. So there are some great alternatives when it comes to mineral makeup. For some it's a matter of a quick BB cream and go, for others it's a bit more laborious. Step after Step after Step, for those girls that want things just so! This approach, can be very effective for skin but then again it can be a tiresome regimen for girls on the go. So when hormonal breakouts hit, switch it up and put some punch in the make up add in what the Gyno Gab gal has at Hada Cosmetic Medicine  Let Me Be Clear— by Colorscience. It's a mineral makeup medication for those with acne. It contains salicylic acid which treats the pimples themselves. And the other minerals such as vitamin E, minerals, aloe, algae, lavender, cypress, ylang ylang and melissa that tackle the redness, inflammation, irritation and the drying of skin that often accompany hormonal breakouts is what makes this a treatment, not just a cosmetic enhancement. And just that bit of nice citrus scent that it has,wakes up your day!


  1. Aside from Vitamin C, other vitamins that can help clear and smooth the skin are vitamin A, B complex, E and zinc. It will not only promote healthy skin but as well as boosting the immune system.

  2. Excellent points, and blood levels of B vitamins can actually help determine if your dietary amounts are sufficient.


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